Google Earth, Google My Maps & GIS Interface (1 of 3)

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There are many useful software interfaces I use daily at work. One of the most important being the Google mapping and ArcGIS suites interface.

Here are some of the reasons I use Google mapping tools as a complement to ArcGIS:

  • Up-to-date aerials with very high resolution that lets me see details that sometimes are not available through orthoimagery for GIS;
  • Ground view images, or Google Street View, that lets me verify on-the-ground details of cities and roads I am working on;
  • User-friendly interface that most of our clients and the public know how to use (in comparison to GIS).

I decided to divide this topic into 3 blog posts, so it is a bit easier to digest! I also decided to make the tutorial in video form which is my preferred way to learn new mapping tools and techniques.

Google Earth and ArcGIS Interface

In this video, you’ll learn how to create data in Google Earth and export it in the best way to bring it into ArcMap. I’ll also go over my favorite tools in Google Earth for urban planning.

Topics discussed in this video:

  • How to create and export line and point data in Google Earth;
  • Google Street View;
  • Measuring Tool;
  • Elevation Profile Tool;
  • Historic Imagery Tool.

Please leave any questions or comments below!


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