Google Earth, Google My Maps & GIS Interface (2 of 3)

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Hello all,

As promised, here is a continuation of the last post!

In this video, you’ll learn how to import data created in Google Earth into ArcMap! During the video, I discuss some important tips on keeping your data organized and ways to export GIS data into KMZ, or Google Earth/Google Maps format.

Topics discussed in this video:

– How to import Google Earth data into ArcMap (0:42);

– How to export this data into a geodatabase (1:30);

– Adding a basemap (3:30);

– Editing and adding attributes to your data (4:28);

– Exporting GIS data into KMZ (6:49).

Other Important Considerations:

There are good perks of storing your data into a Geodatabase rather than a folder. A Geodatabase will keep your data safer (harder to corrupt), will allow for longer names (both file and attribute names) as well as keep your data organized. It is also easier to transfer data to other people since all you have to do is to zip the Geodatabase folder and send it as an email attachment.

It is important to know that Google Earth is limited in the way it displays data from GIS. In GIS you can have fancy line types, such as with multiple colors and dash, and point types that do not translate well into Google Earth. My advice is to keep point and line types simple when bringing from GIS.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave any questions or comments below!


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